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D. Harley, PC has been providing conscientious legal representation exclusively to recording artists, music producers songwriters actors, singers, publishers and artist managers in the entertainment business since 2002. Such representation includes matters regarding copyright, trademark prosecution, domain name protection, right of publicity and contract litigation. The types of clients represented by this firm are corporate executives, independent record labels, record production companies, film production companies, recording artists, record producers, managers, screenwriters, musicians, and publishers.  D. Harley, PC is at your service. We offer reliable counsel and representation in all legal matters concerning the entertainment business.


Who We Are

Success born of experience: Our attorneys offer legal assistance with a high degree of specialized knowledge regarding music contracts, television agreements, management duties, trademark prosecution, trademark search, publishing deals and songwriter partnerships.



The Legal Team

What Makes Us Different

Since the inception of this firm the highest quality legal representation on a cost effective basis has been consistently realized. This is accomplished by having each element of the work performed (i.e. draft and negotiate entertainment contracts, counsel and advise clients) aligned with the appropriate skill and experience to do it. The main objective of this firm is to maintain client trust, further the objectives of the client, and help them achieve thier goals in an efficient manner.

About our Legal Practice

What We Offer


*  Acute attention and detail when negotiating and drafting entertainment agreements, e.g. artist agreements, producer agreements, publishing agreements, joint works agreements, work-for-hire agreements, joint venture agreements, management agreements, termination agreements, buy-out agreements, license agreements and employment agreements.


*   Knowledge of current trends and issues concerning distribution of new media, royalty payments, and content owner’s rights.


*   The ability to identify synergetic relationships required to enhance growth potential of client's business opportunities.